What's been happening in the Girls' Junior School - 07/12/2018

What's been happening in the Girls' Junior School - 07/12/2018

Stars of the Week

Well done to this week's Stars of the Week!


BGSG Junior Book Award

We are very excited to announce the shortlists for our inaugural BGS Junior Book Award. Over the past week students have been casting votes to select a shortlist of twelve books (six in each age category) to be read over the forthcoming term. The award has been designed to introduce our junior students to a range of contemporary books and authors, as well as to promote reading for the sheer fun of it. The categories are not intended to be prescriptive and girls may read as many or as few of the 12 books as they choose. Copies of each of the books will be available in the School Library and a programme of events spotlighting individual titles will take place over the next few months. Pupils will vote for their favourite title at the end of the Spring Term.

We would be delighted if this was something you felt you could support at home – reviews from parents would be very welcome too!

Happy Reading!

Year 3 & 4 Shortlist

Nothing to See Here Hotel - Steven Butler
Ariki and the Giant Shark - Nicola Davies
Scaredy Cat, Scaredy Cat - Phil Earle
Pony on the Twelfth Floor - Polly Faber
Bad Nana: Older not Wiser - Sophy Henn
Max the Detective Cat: The Disappearing Diva - Sarah Todd Taylor

Year 5 & 6 Shortlist

The House with Chicken Legs - Sophie Anderson
Boy Underwater - Adam Baron
Polar Bear Explorers' club - Alex Bell
Ella on the Outside - Cath Howe
Pages & Co - Anna James
The Boy at the Back of the Class - Onjali Q Raúf

Reading Guide - Years 3 & 4

Reading Guide - Years 5 & 6

BGSG Junior Book Award shortlists 2018


Year 3

There have been lots of hands-on investigations this week in Year 3. In science, the girls have been experimenting how to give a rubber glove a skeleton, to help them understand why we have a skeleton. We have played bone bingo and learnt how germs can be spread around through playing a ring of roses game with a germ.

We have also explored the journey from a bean to a bar of chocolate.


Year 4

The girls in Year 4 have had fun this week with their ‘Misty Mountain Sierra’ home learning. The challenge was to create a 3-D food model of a mountain, mountain range or local hill and to take a photograph of their structure. They could use jelly, cake, mashed potato or packaged and tinned food to create their mountain. When all the photographs are handed in next week we will decide whose is the most realistic. I am really looking forward to seeing how everyone got on.

We have also been busy trying out the quizzes that the girls made up. The girls ‘speed quizzed’ each other and then moved on to the next person. It was great fun and they all learned lots of fascinating new facts!


Year 5

This week we have had some riveting performances from our Year 5s who have been acting out scenes from Macbeth in drama lessons. The chanting and cackling witches gathered in the fog around their bubbling cauldron and definitely scared their teachers!

Continuing their studies about the First World War, Year 5 have been researching information about famous people; they then answered some very thought-provoking questions and ‘interviewed’ their character.


Year 6

Year 6 have been having fun with their topic of Blood Heart. We have studied the composition of blood and then made some fake blood to take home!

We have also been getting into the Christmas spirit, even ‘Bob’ (the skeleton) has joined in!