What's been happening in the Girls' Junior School - 08/02/2019

What's been happening in the Girls' Junior School - 08/02/2019

Grow Your Mindset

As part of Children's Mental Health Week, we welcomed Gemma and Liz from Grow Your Mindset to talk to our Infant and Junior children about the importance and benefits of having a growth mindset. In fun and interactive sessions, the children enjoyed learning all about how having a fixed mindset can prevent us from achieving our best and how having a growth mindset opens our minds to opportunities, experiences and enables us to learn much more. Gemma and Liz explained to the pupils how the brain works in developing a growth mindset, gave them some great ideas for positive thinking and even showed the children how to work out the size of their brain!


Year 3

We have been discovering how archaeologists have pieced together evidence to understand how our ancestors lived in the past. Through our own research we then became news reporters interviewing the archaeologists from 1850, when they discovered on the Orkney Island the finds at Skara Brae. The girls loved re-enacting the moments of discovery and the exciting interviews that would have taken place just after that. They understood how important the stone village was as there was clear evidence of early farming, changing the once nomadic lifestyle of the stone age people to farmers and being able to stay in one place.


Year 4

Year 4 girls had a fabulous day on Friday. We had a visit from Sam and the ‘Science Of Sound Workshop’. He told us lots of amazing facts about sound and involved us all in many different science investigations. We especially liked the ‘box and bridge’ investigation where we could see, feel and hear vibrations travel. We also enjoyed the pitch investigations. We found out how the length of an instrument can affect its pitch. This was demonstrated by playing different lengths of plastic piping using a flip flop. Our favourite part was the afternoon when we all had the chance to make our own instruments. We made xylophones, drums, flutes, oboes, tubular bells and even trombones!


Year 5

Year 5 have been investigating units of measurement in their Maths lessons this week. Rice, potatoes, flour and pasta have been converted, not into something tasty, but into grams and kilograms. Water has been measured in millilitres and litres and in a particularly exciting moment, the girls were allowed to pour ONE WHOLE MILLILITRE over the table. Cloths and mops were at the ready, but completely unnecessary as all there flowed was a big… drip! The girls were intrigued to consider the actual amounts of a single gram or millilitre and how one thousand of them would be needed to complete the full kilogram or litre. This lead onto understanding thousandths and three-decimal place value.


Well done to Frankie in Year 6 who won The Salford Synchronised swimming team's academy swimmer of the year on Saturday night.

Frankie received the award at their annual presentation evening.

She has just been given a place in the Salford Synchronised Swimming Squad and also swims on Monday mornings at school, and every other week with her class.


Year 6

In Latin the pupils have been learning about Roman roads. They made cakes to represent the layers of the soil and rocks, topped off by marshmallows to illustrate the cobbles. Who knew Latin could be so delicious!

Year 6 had a wonderful time this week finding out all about Charles Darwin’s family tree. There were many interesting discussions about the research and the girls produced some beautifully presented pieces of work. They wanted to turn it into a competition, so Mrs Howard was the ‘celebrity’ judge!