What's been happening in the Girls' Junior School - 08/03/2019

What's been happening in the Girls' Junior School - 08/03/2019

Year 3

Year 3 have continued this week to read about the adventures of Ottoline and her companion Mr. Munroe. The mystery story has given us lots to think about and exciting vocabulary to learn. During the week we have enjoyed many activities relating to books of different genres. Our classroom door was transformed into the cover from our favourite class novel, ‘The Wizards of Once’. The author Cressida Cowell takes her readers on an adventure through the Wild Woods, Wizard World and Warrior Fort. 

In science we continued to investigate forces around us and focused in particular on the relationship between surfaces and speed of a vehicle. The girls had to think when friction can be a hindrance and when it can help.


Year 4

The year is AD 410 and the once-mighty Roman Empire is crumbling. 

Sailing across the North Sea, ships land on the beaches of Britannia’s eastern shores. They carry the Saxons, pirate raiders and strong soldiers, greedy for land and ready to attack the Britons. 

This sets the scene for Year 4’s new topic, ‘Traders and Raiders’. The children were challenged to make their own sailing boats, big enough to carry them and their fellow Saxons along with all their weapons, tools, belongings, supplies and farm animals. Each boat had to seat at least eight oarsmen, with room for some supplies, and be strong enough to fend off attacks! The Year 4 girls and boys had great fun preparing their weapons and creating their boats. They definitely made fearsome invaders!


Year 5

Year 5’s investigations into different materials have continued this half term. They are now looking at changes in materials and combing and separating them. This week they have learned some key scientific vocabulary: ‘solute’, ‘solvent’ and ‘solution’ and experimented with basic formulae: Solution= solvent + solute; Solution – solvent=solute; Solution-solute =solvent. The girls then demonstrated the first of these by attempting to dissolve a range of substances including salt, sugar, flour and oatbran in water. Not all of these substances turned out to be soluble or created solutions but the girls were very interested testing them and making their observations.


Year 6

As the sun was shining and the Year 6 grammar lesson went outside and turned into a “Grammar Hunt” game around the playground, who knew that prepositions, relative clauses and antonyms could be so much fun? 

To kick start our new Science topic on Classification we looked for bugs on the school playing field. Once found and identified, we then began classifying them using the Linnaeus System.