What's been happening in the Girls' Junior School - 14/12/2018

What's been happening in the Girls' Junior School - 14/12/2018

Year 3

This week we have loved designing our own chocolate bar and then producing the packaging for it from a 2D net into a 3D item. In groups, we then created 20-second TV adverts for a new type of sweet/chocolate. We thought about how we could persuade the audience to choose our inventions.

In PSHCE this week, we have been focusing on how to keep healthy. We have found out how germs can spread and loved our talk from the school health support worker, Miss Hughes, where we asked questions of our own.


Year 4

As Year 4 is drawing to the end of the ‘Misty Mountain Sierra’ topic, the girls have reflected on the experiences that they have had. Some have loved dressing up as mountaineers, some enjoyed locating ranges of mountains on maps, others' favourite activities were to learn about the types of mountain and to make them out of clay or to draw contours on a potato hill. Some, however, like me have enjoyed it all. I have been particularly impressed to see the enthusiasm that the girls have shown and the amazing work that they have produced. An added bonus to the girls’ latest home learning task was that in most cases they were able to eat their homework too!


Year 5

Year 5 have really engaged with their humanities topic of ‘Fallen Fields’ this half-term. In order to learn more about the effects of World War 1, they have spent time looking at the BGSB archives online. Each pupil chose an Old Boy, who was one of the Fallen Swans, to research, and found out some fascinating facts about their lives. Some girls were particularly interested in the soldiers who shared their surname and others, their town or village.


Year 6

Year 6 Baking Club have enjoyed decorating Christmas biscuits this week whilst in class. They have been studying what makes a 'healthy plate' linked to their topic work on Blood Hearts. They have made their own healthy plate too. They have also been studying the value of exercise and monitored pulse rates at rest and after exercise; they created graphs to demonstrate their findings.