What's been happening in the Girls' Junior School - 19/10/2018

What's been happening in the Girls' Junior School - 19/10/2018

Halloween Disco

On Wednesday Evening the Infant Hall saw an arrival of witches, wizards, skeletons and zombies for our Junior Boys and Girls Halloween Party. 

The event was organised by the girls in Y6 with a view to raising as much money as they could for Grace's Place, Forget-Me-Not appeal. 

They had teams to run the 'business' in all of its different aspects, from marketing and accounts, to entertainment and catering. 

The Hall was decorated wonderfully to create a 'spooky' atmosphere and the outfits were positively scary! With lots of dancing and party games, all of the children had a fantastic time and raised well over £500 for the charity. 


Year 3

Congratulations to all of the girls in Year 3 for their superb assembly on Tuesday morning. Wonder Woman whirled in along with the Ghostbusting team and Superman to help with homework, but as we found out, we can all be heroes and sometimes they don’t come in a disguise or with special powers.

Year 4

The Year 4 girls all had a great time at the Deva Roman Experience in Chester last Friday. I am very pleased to say that they all passed their military training and proved themselves worthy members of the legion. It was interesting to see that during their training some of the girls enjoyed re-enacting plunging their sword into the enemy with more vigour and a more satisfied expression than others! The girls also tried and tested the tortoise formation and demonstrated their ability to march and chant, much to the amusement of shoppers in the streets of Chester. A great day of experiences and learning outside of the classroom.

Year 5

In Year 5, we took advantage of the beautiful weather last Wednesday to carry out a science experiment to track the path of the sun. By creating a shadow with a rounders post we were able to create sundials, marking each shadow every hour. We noticed that the shadow moved surprisingly (although imperceptibly) quickly and saw how towards noon, its length shortened, and then lengthened again towards evening. Our experiment allowed us to observe the sun moving from East to West across the sky whilst the shadow moved in the opposite direction.

Year 6

Learning all about polymers

In science this week, we investigated polymers by making Halloween slime. We were trying to discover exactly what a polymer was and in particular, a non- Newtonian fluid. We all had lots of slimy science fun!

Lydia writes…

I was lucky to win a competition with school to design a ‘Car for the Future’ for our STEM day event in the Summer term. The prize was free tickets for my family to go to the Bicester Heritage ‘Sunday Scramble’ event. It was at the World War 2 R.A.F. Station in Bicester. We saw hundreds of vintage, new and old cars as well as planes. Whilst we were there, we also visited Blenheim Palace, the birth place of Winston Churchill.

A huge thank you for Mr Lomas for making this happen. We had a great time as a family.


Other News

Well done to Frankie and the Salford Synchronised swimming academy team won Gold on Sunday 14th October at the North West Championships.

They performed well and worked as a team.

Frankie is very proud to be a part of the Salford Synchronised swimming academy team.