What's been happening in the Girls' Junior School - 24/05/2019

What's been happening in the Girls' Junior School - 24/05/2019

Stars of the Week

Well done to this week's Stars of the Week!

Year 3

Year 3 have enjoyed an amazing finale to their ‘Gods and Mortals’ Humanities topic at the Liverpool World Museum.

Through a hands-on workshop the pupils had a unique opportunity to touch real objects from the ancient world. Using their powers of deduction, the girls became ‘Junior Museum Archaeologists’ to discover what the objects reveal about the people who lived in ancient Greece.
Next they took part in an interactive session exploring the complex and mysterious myths of ancient Greece. The ancient Greeks believed that these stories were true and had consequences that affected the lives of everyday people. Even today, the influence of this ancient civilisation can still be seen in everyday life in the western world. 

Year 4

Year 4 have been on their residential trip to Robin Wood. 

We had a fabulous time! All pupils had the chance to zip-wire, climb, cave, go on the giant swing, trapeze, canoe and lots, lots more. We started our adventure-filled days at around 7.00am and finished at 9.00pm with a team challenge and a calming cup of hot chocolate.

The children fully embraced the concept of working in a team and supported each other to complete all tasks. Those children who were feeling a little anxious when faced with some activities had the encouragement of their team mates constantly behind them. So much so, that they were prepared to jump into a pool that maybe potentially have been filled with piranhas, to help their team mates across and achieve the activity’s goal.  This proved a little emotional for both Robin Wood and Bury Grammar staff alike.

The resilience and problem solving skills of our children was commented on by the Robin Wood staff, as well as their ability to embrace every task with efficiency and speed. Lots of memories and new friends were made which hopefully will remain with them well into their future.

Year 5

As part of their science topic about forces, this week Year 5 visited the Senior School for a special lesson about cogs and gears, expertly lead by Mrs Lewis, Assistant Head of the Science Faculty. 

The girls worked hard and had a thoroughly enjoyable and informative afternoon.

As a final note, to round off our work on Allotments, on the Wednesday straight after half term, the girls are going to have the opportunity to cook Leek and Potato soup. They will work in pairs and need to bring in each: an onion, two or three leeks, four medium potatoes and a Tupperware container in which to take home the soup for tea. They may like to get ahead and practise peeling and chopping vegetables over half term, (under adult supervision, of course).


The Senior Physics department were delighted to welcome 31 Year 5 girls into their specialist labs to have an introductory lesson on Gears. The girls learned all about where gears are found in everyday life and also now understand the two main purposes of them. The lesson was very challenging but the pupils did extremely well, even accessing GCSE standard questions. We were ably assisted by A Level physicists Emily Lancaster who supported the girls in their work. Hopefully all have a better understanding of this topic now and have also started the transition to our Senior School.

Year 6


The Year 6 girls and boys teamed up this week to take on the two-wheeled challenge of Bikeability from Monday to Thursday.

The course, which looks at both bike maintenance and road safety, helped the children to experience cycling on the roads in a safe environment, learning about the Highway Code, bike awareness and road positioning as well as bike and helmet maintenance.

Working in small groups the children were put through their paces navigating u-turns, parked cars and a whole host of other road-related scenarios. Maybe, we'll see some children cycling to school in the near future!

Year 6 visited the Girls' Senior School to visit the GCSE and A Level Art Exhibition.

Miss Kershaw explained what the girls had to do and how their work evolved over the two years of the course. We were amazed by the standard of the artwork and many girls are now very keen to get into the Art Department in September to begin their artistic learning too.

Following their visit to Low Bank in Coniston, Year 6 were inspired by a talk given by the Mountain Rescue Service and wanted to do something to help the volunteers. They therefore held a bunsale and raised an amazing £92.48! Thank you to everyone who came a bought a cake.