What's been happening in the Girls' Junior School - 26/04/2019

What's been happening in the Girls' Junior School - 26/04/2019

Year 3

Year 3 have collaborated to research Hinduism in RS, the Ancient Greek Gods in Humanities and, for our focus on the non-fiction book ‘Shocking Styles’, many unusual fashions of dress throughout the ages, in English.

The girls’ confidence in mathematics is growing as demonstrated by their willingness to share their mental strategies to add and subtract.

Year 4

Having researched and planned the wares that might have been traded in Anglo-Saxon and Viking times, Year 4 organised a very impressive trade fair.

All the craftswomen worked extremely hard producing a range of pots, jewellery and woven goods as well as tray-bakes of oat flapjacks and a fleet of replica Viking boats. The girls had great fun producing and trading the wares that they had made.

Year 5

A new term, a new Humanities project.

Year 5 boys and girls teamed up this week to launch our new topic, ‘Allotment’. They were introduced to our official Year 5 allotment area. They measured and mapped, weeded and dug and finally, considered how to best utilise the area to create a brand new allotment where they will be able to grow their own produce. The children had lots of fun and undertook some really tricky maths, without even noticing. Thanks to equipment in our brand new outdoor maths resource box, the children were able to measure the current garden to a good degree of accuracy.

Year 6

During ‘Ancient Civilisations Week’, Year 6 have spent time looking at the Indus Valley.

We have learned about the region and when this ancient civilisation occurred in time. We have learned about the culture of the people and there have been some beautifully crafted houses and games boards. Everyone has enjoyed spending this week learning about a completely new area of the curriculum.