What's been happening in the Girls' Junior School - 28/06/2019

What's been happening in the Girls' Junior School - 28/06/2019

Stars of the Week

Well done to this week's Stars of the Week!

Year 3

Wow what a week! Our two-day residential trip started with two superb story-telling and dragon-slaying workshops at Clitheroe castle.

Pupils were taught all the skills they’d need to become a SWORD Ranger. (Society for the Welfare Of Rare Dragons). We learnt how to identify different dragons, discover where they live, what they eat, their likes and dislikes and how to care for them. They explored and trained in the sword and shield techniques that are required to stop Dragon Slayers. Once the tasks were completed, we loved hearing the tale of ‘The Clitheroe Dragon’.

Onto Waddow Hall, where we explored the site by completing the orienteering challenge. Over the next two days, the girls took part in bushcraft, climbing and grass sledging, along with singing songs round a campfire whilst toasting marshmallows. It’s always great to see children in a different light, but it’s a real privilege to see them grow in character and confidence. They were a pleasure to be with.

Year 4

Year 4 had a very busy week with lots of assessments to let us show off how absolutely brilliant they are, as well as two nights performing our Summer Concert, ‘Wind in The Willows’.

They worked hard during the day and continued to work hard the evening! Their singing was absolutely fantastic and their acting was great! We were so proud of our jurors with their amazing dance. I really don’t know how they managed to twist and turn around each other without tying themselves in a knot. Their expressions were very thoughtful too! The police did an amazing job with their cross- over-dance. It is a small miracle that they didn’t charge into each other. They impressed us all by completing each section of their song with care. Their acting was very convincing. Poor Mr Toad didn’t have a chance against the long arm of the Year 4 police force! The train passengers sang their hearts out as well as keeping the motion of the train going around the hall in time with the music. Well done all!

Year 5

Year 5 have had a busy week too. 5A performed their assembly brilliantly and delivered a very important message: Look after our planet. 

The worms, foxes, fridges, bikes, laptops and a roller-skating oil slick made the audience reflect on the damage we can inflict upon the environment, all too easily. 

5T had a ‘souper’ morning in the Senior School Food Room when they took their turn chopping, slicing and stirring to create a delicious leek and potato soup. Many have been inspired to make soup at home and following their Taster Day last week, can’t wait until they are in Year 7 to begin regular cookery lessons.

Year 6

A small group of Year 6 and Year 4 girls and boys attended the Great Science Share 2019 at the Whitworth Art Gallery. 

They had to think of a scientific question to teach to over 30 other primary schools who were visiting from around the North West. 

They decided to ask “Can you tug on my heart strings?” – they had two cow hearts and showed the pupils from other schools the anatomy. They explained the flow of oxygenated and deoxygenated blood very well and demonstrated how to pick a heart up by the heart strings with just one finger.

The pupils were amazing ambassadors for the school and also sang the Great Science Share Groove to all of the attending schools at the end. 

Year 6 have also begun looking at their last humanities topic – Hola Mexico! So far we have done some map work, found out about the Chihuahuan desert and decorated sugar skulls. We are looking forward to finding out about the Mayan people.