What's been happening in the Girls' Junior School - 29/03/2018

What's been happening in the Girls' Junior School - 29/03/2018

Year 5 girls hosted a Bake Off contest to raise money for Dogs Trust.

Girls from all years of the Junior School were tasked with baking a cake to bring in for judging which would then be sold in slices to raise money for Dogs Trust.

A total of 37 cakes, with many fantastic designs, were brought in and Mrs Hankinson picked her winners - one from each year group.

Slices of cakes were sold at 50p per slice to the girls, BGS staff and parents after School.


Class 4K have been studying animation in their ICT lessons this half term.

They have looked at the history of animation and studied how to use frame freezing. 

The pupils edited small changes using onion skimming techniques.

Maya Livesey made the piece of animation above - we hope you enjoy it!

Year 6 have been using programming skills in their IT lessons.

The girls have programmed Crumbles and Sparkles to create a light display.

They then moved on to use the Crumbles with motors to produce a movement that can strike an instrument creating a variety of sounds; an electric orchestra!

Both teachers were impressed with their ingenuity and IT skills using this equipment.

All of year 6 in their Art and Design lessons have been investigating biscuit recipes.

They started by tasting biscuits and then moved on in groups to design their own ensuring all tastes and allergies were catered for.

They then baked their recipes in groups without any support (apart from using the oven!).

Year 5 have been learning about imperial measurements in Mathematics.

They have weighed pounds and ounces, pints and fluid ounces and measured feet and inches.

Once they had done this, they re-measured to find metric equivalents for each unit