What's been happening in the Infant School - 01/02/2019

What's been happening in the Infant School - 01/02/2019


In Reception, ‘small world’ imaginative play is a very popular part of our continuous provision. Small World scenes are wonderful for language building and developing vocabulary. The children act out their ideas from real life or are able to experiment with fantasy play, incorporating their own ideas. Small World play is often a perfect stimulus for positional or sensory language to be used. Our Small World has been an Arctic World. We filled various containers of different shapes and sizes with water and froze them over the weekend. The children squirted pipettes of blue food colouring into the ice blocks and enjoyed watching the rivulets of colour seep through the cracks and veins. We heard some fabulous words: ‘melting’, ‘slippery’, ‘hard’, ‘cold’, ‘burning’, ‘numb’, ‘wet’, ‘freezing’ and ‘icy’.

Year 1
Learning an additional language involves memorising rules and vocabulary, therefore, learning a language is a cognitive activity not just a linguistic one. Year 1 are enjoying their French lessons. The teachers always make the activities as fun as possible and incorporate games into the lessons. Whilst learning new vocabulary about food, the children also revised language about the numbers and colours. The class split into two teams: which team member could find ‘trois pommes rouges’ first?

Year 2

People all over the world celebrate Chinese New Year and 2P were thrilled to tell the school all about it in their class assembly. In preparation, the children all worked hard to learn their lines and rehearse the story of how it all came about. They also discussed how people prepare for Chinese New Year by cleaning their homes and buying gifts. They matched themselves with an animal, according to their year of birth and then identified its traits, discussing which ones applied to them. On the day, all the children were brilliant and deserved the applause they received at the end for an assembly that was full of information, energy and humour.