What's been happening in the Infant School - 05/10/2018

What's been happening in the Infant School - 05/10/2018

Stars of the Week



In Reception for the first time this week, we have been completing ‘Captain Challenge’ activities. In the continuous provision each week, the children are encouraged to complete four challenges. A Numeracy, Literacy, Physical Development and a Personal Social and Emotional Development challenge.

These challenges are introduced and explained at the beginning of each week and then independently completed by the children. We are proud and delighted to say that everyone completed all four challenges by Friday. The whole class received a Captain Challenge ‘Congratulations’ certificate. Very well done, Reception Red! We have to keep it up now...


Year 1

In Religious Studies the children have been thinking about ‘Our Wonderful World’ and the many magical things nature provides for us. Each child planted a miniature daffodil bulb and we discussed how miraculous it is for the dull looking bulb to turn into a beautiful flower. Roll on spring!

We have been studying 2D shapes in Maths this week. We looked at our natural environment to see if we could spot some of the 2D shapes around us. I wonder how many the children can spot outside of school?


Year 2

In Art, we have been looking at the old folk story ‘Stone Soup’. In the story, villagers are encouraged to give a small amount of their food to passing travellers. The children discussed the importance of sharing in everyday life and gave examples of when they have shared things with people. Here are the illustrations the children have produced, using chalk and sugar paper, to help tell the story of Stone Soup.