What's been happening in the Infant School - 15/02/2019

What's been happening in the Infant School - 15/02/2019

We held a wonderful Informal Concert for our Junior Girls and Infant Schools, where every infant and junior girl had the opportunity to perform and celebrate together.

Every year group performed to their peers along with super performances from Buzz Club, Year 1 Choir, Year 3/4 Choir and Year 5/6 Choir (other extra-curricular groups will perform at other opportunities in the coming months).

Below is a list of performances

Reception - A cat sat on a mat
Year 1 - The bear went over the mountain
Year 2 - Build it HIgh
Year 3 - Stone Age Rock
Year 4 - Wonderwall
Year 5 - Buzzy Bee
Year 6 - Down in the jungle

Buzz Club - Two at Twightlight
Year 1 choir - Down by the Bay
Year 3/4 choir - Cape Cod Chanty
Year 5/6 choir - How Far I'll Go



Chinese New Year has been the focus in Reception this week. We have talked about The Jade Emperor deciding how to measure time, and the origins of the Chinese zodiac. The children enjoyed re-enacting the story and ordering the twelve animals. We were interested to learn how Chinese New Year is celebrated and were mesmerised by the dragon parades and the lion dances. The children have made Chinese drums and were particularly enthusiastic about eating Chinese food. Two of our friends in Reception Red are Chinese, they were excited about sharing their culture, traditions, customs and specific celebrations with us. The girls looked fantastic dressed in their beautiful New Year clothes.


Year 1

Year 1 have had a very exciting week: a planetarium came to school! The Year 1 classes were taken on an ‘Adventure Through Space’. We studied the planets and constellations relating to our Solar System. The children could hardly contain their excitement when they saw the dome in the Infant Hall, wondering what galactic spectacles awaited them.

The children’s behaviour was very good, with all children engaging with the session. The speakers commented on how much they enjoyed their visit to Bury Grammar School Infants. This is a culmination of our work for ‘Innovate and Express’ week within our Humanities topic, ‘Moon Zoom’.


Year 2

Year 2 have been investigating different types of materials and their properties. We have looked in detail at permeable and non-permeable materials and the children were able to discuss why some materials are better suited for certain jobs; for example, brick is good for building houses. This led us to investigate waterproof materials. The children were surprised to discover that wax is waterproof. They were able to prove this by painting watercolour pictures and using wax crayons to create a waterproof layer where no paint could be applied.

We were proud to host the first of its kind football tournament here at Bury Grammar School. 

All the schools participated with fairness and fun! 

Well done to all the Year 2 boys and girls who participated. 

This will now be an annual Bury Grammar School tournament, welcoming local and independent Schools to participate.