What's been happening in the Junior School - 02/02/2018

What's been happening in the Junior School - 02/02/2018


Individual Competition:

Year 6 - Ewan Greenhalgh (67)

Year 5 - Ibrahim Ashfaq (97)

Year 4 - Matthew Robinson (116)

Year 3 - Adam Lamming (109)

House Competition:

Howlett - 34

Derby - 33

Kay - 31

Hulme - 28

Boys of the Week:

Congratulations to the following boys who received Boy of the Week this week:

Year 3 Gold – Thomas Lee, for great enthusiasm and brilliant work in class.

Year 4 Royal – Ethan Whalley , for good contributions during Science of Sound workshop.

Year 4 Navy – Matthew Robinson for fantastic instrument making in our Science workshop.

Year 5 Emerald – Hakim Legall, for a superb silver medal in the Chest Push at AJIS Athletics.

Year 5 Jade – Ben Foster, for excellent persuasive letter writing.

Year 6 Burgundy – Freddie Woodhouse, for empowerment in all areas of learning.

Year 6 Scarlet – Joe Hynes, for impressive World War One knowledge.


AJIS Atheltics

The Year 5 and 6 boys travelled to Robin Park this week to take part in the AJIS Indoor Athletics competition. As usual, the standard was very high with elite-level athletes taking part in a range of track and field events. Hakim Legall was the stand-out performer for the boys taking a silver medal in the Year 5 Chest Push, whilst Evan Potter was just two jumps away from a bronze medal in the Year 6 Speed Bounce. Well done boys.

Other Events

Year 4 - The Science of Sound & Instrument Making workshop

Year 4 boys took part in a fantastic science workshop on Monday. The children all participated in experiments using springs, fishing line, a ripple tank, plastic tubing, a wind up gramophone, water, an oscilloscope, a very long stick, a bin bag and a host of unusual instruments.

In the afternoon each of the pupils made a musical instrument which included xylophones, pan-pipes, tubular bells, wind chimes, drums, rainsticks, oboes, flutes, dulcimers and trombones. All participants had a noisy and fun educational experience!

Year 4 Art – Sunset Skylines

As party of this half term’s Art project, Year 4 Navy have just completed some sunset skylines. They used ink washes on wet paper and black paper to create fantastic silhouette skylines.

Year 5 Strength testing

As part of our ongoing materials topic, we are continuing to test materials for the Bestival music and arts festival. This week we were tasked with finding the strongest paper to serve as a food wrapper. After some close up observation of the effects of chips on paper, we then designed and completed a strength test in the science lab. Amazingly, packing paper held over 400g in weight! We then looked at other considerations before making our final recommendation. Seeing how Science has real world applications is core to our Science teaching and a key element in boys understanding the important contributions scientists make to everyday life.

Rugby trophy

Rocco Goosen won a trophy for scoring three tries for Rossendale Rugby Team.

Maths Champions

Year 6 maths experts Ewan Greenhalgh and Jai Kohli took part in a National Young Mathematicians contest and made it through to the semi-final, narrowly missing making it through to the final.