What's been happening in the Junior School - 16/02/2018

What's been happening in the Junior School - 16/02/2018


Individual Competition

Year 6 - Ibrahim Malik (101)

Year 5 - Oliver Marshall (117)

Year 4 - Ethan Alcock (64)

Year 3 - Joseph Oakes (63)

House Competition

Derby - 40

Howlett - 39.86

Kay - 39.85

Hulme - 35

Boys of the Week

Congratulations to the following boys who received Boy of the Week this week:

Year 3 Gold – Ali Zeeshan, for making a huge effort to be polite and helpful.

Year 4 Royal – Harry Greenwood, for working extra hard on learning his lines for assembly.

Year 4 Navy – Ben O’Connell, for fantastic drawing of an eye.

Year 5 Emerald – Stefan Jacobs, for an excellent maths result and an excellent piece of Dadwavers writing.

Year 5 Jade – Tom Greenwood, for some excellent editing of his written work.

Year 6 Burgundy – Dean Ahmed, for an improved attitude towards learning.

Year 6 Scarlet – Evan Potter, for improved spelling test scores.


Other Events


It has been a wonderfully creative and expressive week in the Junior School as all boys have taken part in #ILoveArt week. Art, creativity and individual expression are central to the life of the school, so it is no surprise that the boys engaged with this project with great enthusiasm. Boys in Year 3 were supported by Year 10 Art pupils to produce their own individual piece of art, the Year 10 Boys winning over the Year 3s by sharing their expensive sharpie and fine point art pens!

Years 4 and 5 were lucky enough to work with talented artist Erin Anderson who led a workshop on drawing the human eye - often used in art to signify individuality, passion and acting as a window to the soul. Working with artists allows boys to develop techniques and see that careers in the arts and creative industries are real possibilities. Year 6 had a Masterclass in photograph and digital design from Darren Hartley who worked with the boys to create photomontages of things that were important to them.

Unique, individual artworks (coming in a limited edition “1 of 1”) made up the exhibition on Friday where parents were be able to buy these works and support the brilliant work of the NSPCC. Parents then have the opportunity to upload their work to a Ted talk funded global art project which takes place on the 23-25th of February, led by French street artist, JR. Art is very much alive and kicking in the Junior school and the passion and talent for creative expressions has been a joy to see.

Languages Club

Year 3 and 4 were learning about ‘Los miembros de la familia’ this week. Excellent enthusiasm shown again by the boys and great teamwork.

Mandarin Masters

Year 5 and 6 were treated again to a new language as they received a Mandarin master class from specialists Eddie Song (Year 5 Emerald) and Xuanming Guo (Year 6 Burgundy). We learned to count to ten before learning about the Chinese traditions linked to Chinese New Year including the 12 animals. The fun continued with everyone trying their hand at writing in Chinese using ink and a brush and finished with a mini quiz. We also got to try some delicious Chinese sweets.