What's been happening in the Junior School - Week Ending 15/12/2017

What's been happening in the Junior School - Week Ending 15/12/2017


Weekly winners:

Year 3 - Thomas Lee (45)
Year 4 - Alex Edlinger (85)
Year 5 - Rocco Goosen (96)
Year 6 - Will Foster (58)

Weekly House Competition:

Hulme - 39
Derby - 37
Howlett - 33
Kay - 32

Overall Termly Winners:

Year 3 - Max Gibson & Owen Cape (375)
Year 4 - Matthew Robinson (461)
Year 5 - Rocco Goosen (621)
Year 6 - Ewan Greenhalgh (480)

Our Autumn term house point competition drew to a close this week with our House Point Heroes from each year being decided. In Year 3 it was too close to call as both Owen Cape and Max Gibson ended up with 375 house points each for the term. Matthew Robinson was the clear winner in Year 4 with 461, whilst Rocco Goosen’s massive 621 just pipped Eddie Song in the final count-up. Ewan Greenhalgh confirmed his position as the House Point Hero in Year 6 having dominated throughout the term.

In total a mammoth 33,268 house points were awarded across the whole term as the boys yet again demonstrated how positive rewards are such a key part of life in the Junior School.
It was Derby who triumphed in the whole House Termly competition as they amassed 346 house points per boy, on average across the term. Well done Derby!

The final standings were:

Derby - 346
Howlett - 316
Hulme - 315
Kay - 263

Boys of the Week

Congratulations to the following boys who received Boy of the Week this week:

Year 3 Gold – Adam Lamming, for an all-round great effort this week.

Year 4 Royal – Ben Heath, for excellent imagery in his poetry.

Year 4 Navy – Max Pike, for excellent use of metaphors in his poem.

Year 5 Emerald – Oliver Marshall, for excellent enthusiasm across all subjects.

Year 5 Jade – Afan Arshad, for an excellent acrostic poem.

Year 6 Burgundy – Henry Stafford, for amazing energy learning his lines and perseverance in maths.

Year 6 Scarlet – Frank Berry, for amazing understanding when multiplying and dividing fractions.


House Cross Country

Hulme were the first winners of silverware this year as they triumphed in the house cross country competition in our Games lessons. Top five finishes in the Year 3/4 race from Ethan McGuinness, Francis Rogers and Max Gibson, were enough to seal victory for Hulme, whilst in the Year 5/6 competition strong runs from Ciaran O’Reilly and Oliver Huddleston cemented Hulme’s winning position.

Other Events

Christmas Camaraderie

Year 5 Emerald enjoyed writing some amazing Christmas acrostic poems this week. Full of festive images and humour, the boys enjoyed entertaining each other with their witty work before deciding to share them with Year 3. The boys went on to explain their use of similes and alliteration, inspiring Year 3 with some wonderful examples in their writing. Well done boys!

Languages Club

This has been an amazing term for Languages Club. The number of boys learning German has doubled and it was an immense pleasure to teach them about the Christmas traditions in Germany. Nadine shared her cultural knowledge and in return the boys rewarded her with a heart-warming and enthusiastic rendition of O Tannenbaum and Stille Nacht to remind her of home, which she said gave her ‘goosebumps’. The boys have all been awarded certificates for their excellent effort.

The Art of Christmas

In Year 5 Jade we rediscovered a classic Christmas craft and made snowflakes out of folded paper. Although simple, the boys produced some excellent and complicated snowflakes.

Memory Club

Memory Club have learned an incredible amount of extra facts this term, using techniques the clever Ancient Greeks used. Have you ever wanted to learn Japanese, or learn the first member states of Europe? Or even learn the 37 Shakespeare plays? Our Memory Club members can show you how in fun ways that help you remember for longer.