What's been happening in the Junior School - 19/01/2018

What's been happening in the Junior School - 19/01/2018


Individual Competition

Year 6 - Ewan Greenhalgh (156)

Year 5 - Eddie Song (115)

Year 4 - Sammy Sutcliffe (114)

Year 3 - Shahryar Ansari (56)

House Competition

Derby - 48

Hulme - 43

Howlett - 40

Kay - 32

Boys of the Week

Congratulations to the following boys who received Boy of the Week this week:

Year 3 Gold – Zain Aftab, for a big improvement in his handwriting.

Year 4 Royal – Alexander Daly, for excellent effort in Maths, seeking out challenge.

Year 4 Navy - Ibrahim Saleem, for interesting independent research on Vikings.

Year 5 Emerald – Charlie Slade, for working with increased effort in Maths lessons and reaching the extension tasks.

Year 5 Jade – Antony Dawson-Dykes, for making an excellent effort on all his Maths homework.

Year 6 Burgundy – William Bertenshaw, for making excellent progress in maths when using long division.

Year 6 Scarlet – Andrew Small, for impressive, well-presented long division work.

Other Events

Times Tables Champions

In Year 5 Jade we have had a huge push on times tables knowledge since the beginning of term and this week we reached a major milestone. For the first time ever (and then for three subsequent tries) the whole class average for our 118 times tables grids was 118! This meant 100% of the class knew all timetables up to 10x10 in under 7 minutes. The 118 grids get their name as the total score for the grid is 118- one point for most and three points for the tricky times tables. This shows speed recollection of timetables facts which are essential to all our Maths work in Year 5. Well done Jade!

Languages Club - Hola & Guten Tag!

It was an exciting week for the Languages club this week as we added an extra language in Junior Boys. Year 3 started their lunch time Spanish club and showed great enthusiasm for learning greetings and numbers and had great enthusiasm for the games played. In German, we have been learning about sports and the boys again showed their competitive streak as we had a housepoint German competition.

The flags are flying!

Year 5 have been communicating in code this week. Working as a team, they discussed how codes were, and still are, a hugely important process for communicating in secret or universally. Year 5 were able to create their own flags which they then used to produce messages from the semaphore alphabet. Competing against one another in teams, Emerald managed to pass information across without uttering a single word, whilst the lesson FLEW by. WAVE hello to our new coders that are in Year 5!

Aztec Art

Year 5 are enjoying learning about the Aztecs this half-term and Emerald have really enjoyed designing their own Aztec masks this week. The boys have experimented with different colours and compared block colour or mosaic design before finally picking the mask which they would now like to make – you won’t be able to recognise us!

TT Bronze Badges

Year 4 are starting a new challenge this week of working towards their Maths Badges. The first badge to win is the Bronze Award. Year 4 boys are challenged to know off-by-heart and rapidly recall all of the 1, 2, 5 & 10 times tables, and all of the number bonds to 20. Many are already very good at these, but the real challenge comes in knowing the inverse too.