What's been happening in the Junior School - Week Ending 19/10/2017

What's been happening in the Junior School - Week Ending 19/10/2017


Boys of the Week: 

Congratulations to the following boys who received Boy of the Week this week: 

Year 3 Gold – Ben Noakes, for all-round excellent effort this half term.

Year 4 Royal – Sammy Sutcliffe, for always having a very enthusiastic attitude to his learning.

Year 4 Navy – Abdurrahman Malik, for interesting contributions during Flash Bang Science Lab visit. 

Year 5 Emerald – Harrison Blakelock, for excellent participation and acting skills in Humanities and English lessons throughout this half-term.

Year 5 Jade – Gabriel Simpson, for an excellent piece of writing in role.

Year 6 Burgundy – Ahzam Anwaar, for using a range of vocabulary, and being resilient within his writing.

Year 6 Scarlet – Dylan Cape, for an excellent non-chronological report on Pompeii.


The U11 Tag Rugby team travelled to Springside Primary School for the first BJSSA Tag Rugby tournament of the season.

The boys performed excellently winning two and drawing one of their three games against Guardian Angels, Gorsefield and Springside. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts the boys had to settle for a runners-up spot as they lost out on try difference to Gorsefield. 

Other Events

Science Discovery at Jodrell Bank

Year 5 enjoyed a fabulously exciting trip to Jodrell Bank. After marvelling at the size of the Lovell telescope, the boys conducted experiments which allowed them to learn about gravity on different planets, crater creation, light travel and meteorite identification. Next, we had an ‘egg-cellent’ time at the Mars Rover Challenge where 4/5 teams designed assorted landing gear before successfully dropping their eggs without breaking them. Finally, we explored the Space Pavilion and outside exhibits including the whispering dishes and vortex maker.

Climbing to the top

Group One have thoroughly enjoyed their quest, conquering the Bury Grammar School Climbing Wall, resulting in most boys within the club reaching the top. Towards the end, the boys even learned to belay one another, working as a team to ensure that each climber reached the top of the wall and landed safely back on the ground (with close supervision, of course!). We look forward to the new term, where Group 2 can begin their assignment of reaching the top of our climbing wall. Good luck gentlemen and DON’T LOOK DOWN!

Lava lamps in Year 4

Adorning smart science laboratory jackets, Year 4 truly enjoyed exploring what could be made with a plastic bottle, some water, some oil, food colouring, and a fizzy tablet. The Year 4 boys used super scientific language to make their predictions. They used many of their senses to help make scientific observations, as they explored if their predictions would come true. They left the lab feeling rightfully proud with the end results: some colourful and exciting lava lamps. “Can we make some more, please!”

Science experiments in Year 6

Year 6 were provided with ‘Mission: Egg’ where they worked within a team to create a safe wrapping for their asset, in preparation for its secret mission. Monday saw the boys creating their team name and slogan, Tuesday saw the eggs fall from around 8 feet. Unfortunately, some eggs came to a not only unfortunate but also abrupt end during this task. The remaining egg assets are rumoured to be being prepped for their next mission: being dropped from the Boys’ Junior School balcony. This all built on the work completed at Jodrell Bank when the boys were in Year 5 and formed an excellent recap on materials and their properties.

This is all part of Science week, where the Year 6 also took a trip to the Boys’ Senior School to wax their chromatography designs.

Colour Wheels in Year 5

Year 5 Emerald enjoyed their visit to the Flash Bang laboratory where we made colour wheels using circles, string and colour. Great team work and co-operation meant that even the most stubborn wheel turned, revealing that when our rainbow wheels spun the colour we actually saw was white!

Languages Club

We have started to learn German on Thursdays after school and have done a lot of fun activities including miming, games, singing and dancing whilst at the same time learning numbers, animals, greetings and much more. We have also learned that if you’re not careful, what you say may be etched forever in history … want to know more? Ask any language club member about J F Kennedy and his famous “Ich bin ein Berliner!” speech.

Brass-tastic Fun for Emerald and Royal

Last week, Mr. Schwartz, our fantastic brass teacher, visited Year 5 Emerald and Year 4 Royal to demonstrate the different brass instruments. He played ‘The James Bond Theme’ and ‘Despacito’ on various instruments including Euphonium, Trombone and Trumpet! 

I think we have a few budding Wynton Marsalis here at Bury Grammar School!