Year 5 pupils enjoy Senior School Experience Day

Year 5 pupils enjoy Senior School Experience Day

Year 5 pupils at both BGS and other schools enjoyed a fun-filled experience day on Wednesday.

Over 150 pupils took part in a range of subjects to get a taste of Senior School life at BGS.

In the Boys' School, pupils extracted DNA from raspberries in Science.

Pupils designed their perfect holiday destination in Geography before presenting their ideas.

In English, boys came up with story ideas for a mini saga, based on a range of story ideas before presenting their ideas to the rest of the group.

There was also World Cup style football for the boys to enjoy in PE, which took place in the BGSB Sports Hall.

In the Girls' School, the girls learned the sgraffito technique in Art, inspired by the artist Paul Klee and his fish paintings. They used chalks, wax and crayons to create an underwater scene.

In Science, the girls worked in the specialist chemistry labs to make their own indicators out of turmeric, geranium leaves, beetroot and cabbage. They then tested chemicals and household materials such as milk, lemon juice and washing powder to determine how acidic or alkaline they were.

In Modern Foreign Languages, girls learnt how to say numbers from 1 to 8 in Spanish and some key fruit names. They played Bingo and responded very well to this new vocabulary and were also able to use this knowledge to sing and dance a traditional Spanish song about fruits. In the second part of the lesson, they created a chatterbox which allowed them to formulate complex sentences to express opinions about famous singers.

In Drama, the girls interacted with other members of their group, establishing new friends and developing social and communication skills. They were challenged in their team building exercises to use physical theatre to create various buildings and locations with imposed time limits. They completed their work in Drama with a concentration game which challenged their focus and spontaneity. There was lots of laughter and fun and everyone made a new friend.