Year 6 & 7 pupils visit Great Science Share in Manchester

Year 6 & 7 pupils visit Great Science Share in Manchester

Eight pupils from Years 6 and 7 were delighted to be chosen to go to the Great Science Share held at Manchester's impressive Whitworth Hall.

Over 30 schools were there showcasing a table top science investigation and our boys and girls enjoyed trying out other experiments as well as demonstrating our own.

They did a great job communicating ideas about density to those who came to our stand and we came to the interesting conclusion that smaller eggs are more dense than bigger ones.

The students also enjoyed looking at some of the rollercoaster models other schools brought to the event.

The Great Science Share ended with an enthusiastic rendition of the Great Science Groove - a song (and dance!) all about Celebrating Science.

We had a great day and hope that it has inspired some of our students to consider science in the future.

Some students also viewed the live stream of the event in the library.

On Friday, the Year 7 class drew an engineer and then tried to dispel some of the myths about engineering and discussed some female role models who are engineers.