Year 6 Experience Day enjoyed by over 170 pupils

Year 6 Experience Day enjoyed by over 170 pupils

Bury Grammar School held a Year 6 Experience Day on Tuesday.

This welcomed over 170 Year pupils from local Schools who, together with internal pupils, experienced a day of learning at BGS across a variety of subjects and Sport.

Students were greeted by BGS Sixth Form students on arrival before embarking on a day full of fantastic activities in advance of entering Senior School in Year 7.

Pupils donned their lab coats and goggles in an array of fascinating scientific investigations. The boys studied polymers through creating paper clip chains and bouncy custard balls; the influence of gravity on falling balls on a ramp- resulting in a target competition and investigated how fireworks operate through making jelly babies ‘scream’ in a fiery inferno! The girls extracted DNA from strawberries using complex scientific processes before discussing the significance of DNA in determining our characteristics. Girls also became rocket scientists in Physics using tea bags, balloons and vitamin C and we are pleased to say that ‘we had lift off!’

In Mathematics, the boys focused on algebra, aiming to instil more confidence and to encourage pupils to be less scared by the concept of ‘algebra’. Boys also had the chance to take part in exciting games of futsal, table tennis and climbing!

Girls, rivalling Bake Off’s Paul Hollywood, learned how to knead, shape, prove and bake bread and had great fun putting on grumpy faces to ensure their kneading was successful! Every girl took away her own plaited loaf of bread- although we are not sure how many made it home as most girls were nibbling on their way out! Girls also enjoyed an exciting computing lesson where they looked at the use of animated GIFs on websites and even made an animated Bury Grammar School GIF!

In English, the boys worked in groups to write a description of the Titanic, using similes, metaphors and ambitious vocabulary. The girls did ‘creative thinking, creative writing’, and girls pushed themselves to think outside the box, writing creative responses to unanswerable questions. They then wrote tanka and haiku poetry and invented their own portmanteaus. We were really impressed by the girls’ creativity and by their beautiful and moving poetry.

It was a brilliant, fun-filled day for all the pupils and we were thrilled to receive such positive feedback about the time spent in School.

To see a full photo gallery from the day, click here.