Year 7 girls enjoy team building day at the Anderton Centre

Year 7 girls enjoy team building day at the Anderton Centre

On a very soggy Monday morning this week, the whole of Year 7 BGSG set off for the Anderton Centre in Chorley for a team-building day. 

The aim of the day was to help us all get to know each other a lot better by working with each other in different ways outside the school environment. We caught the school coaches set off to Chorley with our packed lunches and full change of clothes. A lot of us were feeling quite nervous but also excited, as some of us had never been on an outdoor adventure trip before. 

Once we arrived we were sorted into our teams and the sun came out! During the day we did a mixture of land based problem-solving activities that helped us to work as a team, for example in the low ropes activity we had to carry as much water as possible across the wobbly ropes without spilling it and without wobbling the ropes too much so that our team members fell off. We also had to really help each other scramble over a high wall one by one. It was a bit like being in the marines!

The leap of faith activity was quite scary as we climbed about 20 metres up a tree (wearing our harnesses and helmets) and then leapt into the air to catch a trapeze, but we all felt proud of ourselves afterwards. It was scary being so high up, but everyone on the ground was encouraging us and telling us that it was OK. 

The longest activity of the day, the raft building, was a favourite for a lot of people. The sun came out again which was lucky as we all ended up getting soaked. Some of our rafts started to sink so we ended up in the water but other people just jumped into the water fully clothed.

We finished the day with a barbeque which was really tasty. Then it was the coach ride back to school.