Year 7 pupils set for MFL Spelling Bee

Year 7 pupils set for MFL Spelling Bee

Year 7 pupils are, once again, taking part in the annual MFL Spelling Bee competition.

This year the boys and girls are taking part in the French Spelling Bee and before the Christmas holidays we had Stage 1 of the competition, in which every pupil has a go at spelling as many French words as possible in one minute, using the French alphabet and including all the accents and punctuation.

This year, they have also upped the standard and made the 50 words at Stage 1 a little more difficult.

All of the pupils did extremely well and had a really good go, although still no one equalled the talents of the BGSB Vice Captain, Ali Chalabi, who could spell up to 20 words in a minute and got through to the National Final. Could this be the year?

The winners of the Stage 1 Spelling Bee by form were:

7UC - Max Collins, Ayo Dare and Mohammad Yusuf
7UD - Ali Lal Shah, Harry Steele and Aaron Nikdast
7UK - Ali Al-Attar, Josh Jennings and William Fairclough

The boys now have a further 50 words to learn for Stage 2 of the competition which will take place in just a few weeks.

The girls in Stage 2 are Emily Holt (7A) and Ayesha Asif (7B).

The boys and girls will be competing against each other to earn one of three places in the Regional Finals, which will take place in April, when they will be competing against pupils from other schools.