Year 8 take part in Economic Awareness Project

Year 8 take part in Economic Awareness Project

On Thursday 14th June, Year 8 in the BGSG Senior School took part in an Economic Awareness Project which required students, in teams, to organise a BGS Prom from start to finish.

They had to find food suppliers, organise entertainment, design tickets, staff the event and keep accurate accounts. Each group prepared a mood board of their ideas and presented their ‘Prom’ to judges in the afternoon.

Mrs Whitlow would like to thank and congratulate the whole of Year 8 for their performance and their fantastic attitude throughout the day. They worked effectively as teams, communicated well, helped each other out and demonstrated that they can meet strict deadlines even when under pressure. Year 8, you were an absolute pleasure to work with!

The winning team was Team 7 who created a Royal Ball full of fun and excitement.

The team members were as follows: Lucy, Beth, Megan, Yeganeh, Sarah, Fatimah, Aamina, Annabel, Taanya, Sophyiya.

We would also like to give a special mention to the student who showed promising entrepreneurship throughout the day. She impressed both Mrs Whitlow and Mrs Hartley with her determination, enthusiasm and motivation and that student is Lauren Halliwell. Well done Lauren, a businesswoman of the future!

Well done to all of Year 8!