Year 8 work on 'nineteen-eighteen' joint Art and History project

Year 8 work on 'nineteen-eighteen' joint Art and History project

On Monday 11 February, a group of Year 8 boys took part in the 'Nineteen Eighteen' project in order to remember the fight that women had when trying to gain the vote. 

In order to promote scholarship, a key aim at Bury Grammar School, the pupils had to participate in three workshops during a Monday lunchtime. 

The pupils studied the long journey that women took in order to gain political equality, this included studying the Suffragists, Suffragettes, World War One and whether the fight for equality still continues today. 

They worked hard and enjoyed participating in the debates surrounding women's rights. 

These sessions allowed the pupils to apply the knowledge that they had learnt to their artwork. 

Each pupil had to take responsibility for the memory of key women during their fight for suffrage. 

They had to plan their design, prepare the clay and stamp the clay with such personal memories.

Once the clay has been placed in the kiln, the memory boxes will be displayed along the History corridor, allowing pupils and visitors to reflect on the personal experiences that individuals have had. 

It is clear that the pupils enjoyed the day and Miss Halstead would like to thank the pupils for their mature approach to such an important period in History.