Senior Boys' Science trip to Manchester University

Senior Boys' Science trip to Manchester University

On Tuesday 3 October, a group of boys from Years 9, 10 and 11 went on the 'Able and Gifted Science' trip to Manchester University to watch the RSC Dalton Lecture on 'Making the Tiniest Machines'.

Below you can read the account from pupil William Mau.

'On 3 October, a group of year 11s, 10s and 9s embarked on an epic adventure to Manchester to participate in an invigorating lecture entitled 'Making the Tiniest Machines' by Professor David Alan Leigh, a British chemist and Royal Society research professor, specialising in the field of Organic Chemistry and having worked at the University of Manchester, University of Edinburgh and the University of Warwick. 

The journey there via the school minibus was overflowing with our excitement as we postulated about both science and what the lecture would be about. 

Then, when we got there, we voted our opinions on Chemistry before the lecture, with the majority of us clearly showing a keen interest in the wonders of Chemistry. Soon, we were crammed into the lecture hall and Professor Leigh started his lecture.  
His enthusiasm for science enriched our perspectives of the field and he showed us magic tricks, which were impressive to see. This was linked with the final statement that he presented to us, being “any sufficiently advanced science is indistinguishable from magic.” 

The connection to the magic tricks cemented the awe of the age that we live in, in which we are at the brink of a scientific and technological explosion of advances. 

We then had to vote once again and after the lecture, most of us were definitely intrigued by the possibilities of Chemistry. 
Here are some of our opinions on what the trip was like: 
“It was a great day for all who were privileged enough to gain the invitation.” – George Armstrong.
“I liked the voting because it was fun.” – Abdul Syed.
“It was an enjoyable experience.” – Joe Atkinson.
We would like to emit our gratitude to everybody involved in our trip and we would like to send our thanks especially to Mrs Hill for taking us there.