Young Shakespeare Company visit Girls' Junior School

Young Shakespeare Company visit Girls' Junior School

The Girls' Junior School were visited by the Young Shakespeare Company last week and got involved with their performance of 'The Tempest'.

Every single girl got involved and joined in with the interactive performance making sound effects, acting or shouting out lines “This island’s mine” versus “Thou most lying slave!” during the power struggle between Prospero and Caliban.

Congratulations to our pupils Kate Pessagno playing Sebastian and Annabel Bailey the good Gonzalo who performed their impromptu parts to the whole school with such dignity and composure and without a trace of nerves. Afterwards they breathlessly said “It was SUCH FUN!”

But our girls really showed ‘what stuff they are made of’ when faced with the pivotal moment in the play whether to forgive those who have wronged us or to seek revenge... ‘The rarer action is in virtue than in vengeance’. 98% of our girls raised their hands to forgive and thus joined Prospero in the happy ending to a most wonderful and educational experience.

The girls have studied the play in their drama lessons and many of them were able recite parts of the play word for word.