Academic Provision

We aim to give every boy a broad academic, creative and cultural education while also preparing them for life after school in higher education and work.

We seek to foster a love of learning and, in an ever-changing world, encourage boys to question, debate, analyse and make informed judgements.

As an independent school, we have the freedom to adapt and enrich the curriculum for the benefit of our pupils: this allows us to provide a broad and balanced education which goes beyond what other schools might be able to offer and gives your child the edge.

We provide a broad range of experiences and opportunities to encourage creativity and inquisitive thought. Boys are encouraged to learn independently and are keen to recognise that learning does not stop at the lesson bell or at the classroom door.

We recognise that all children are individuals and have different talents and strengths: our highly experienced teachers are keen to adapt their teaching to suit your son.

Our modern approach to pastoral care and individualised learning ensures that our staff know and understand your son and, by working with you in a close home-school partnership, our team work means boys are nurtured and encouraged.

At BGSB, traditions are also immensely important to us, thanks to our long and successful history, dating back to 1570. We are both very proud of our traditions and extremely happy to be a modern school, keen to embrace new technologies and innovative teaching methods.