Assessment & Reporting

Knowing our pupils is the key to success when guiding them through their days at school.

We pride ourselves on an informative, frequent and reflective approach to assessment: by fully understanding how a child learns and through exploring areas in need of enhancement, we are able to create a clear pathway to success for every pupil.

Face-to-face meetings

It is important that you have regular contact with your son’s form teacher and we therefore ensure staff are readily available at the end of each day for impromptu or arranged meetings. There are two formal Parents’ Evenings a year - one in November and one in February - where your son’s general progress will be discussed.

Written reports

Parents receive written reports on their sons’ progress twice a year. In December, the focus is on English and Mathematics, and a full academic report is produced at the end of the academic year.

Progress updates

Parents receive Interim Assessments that provide information on Effort at half term, and include Effort and Attainment at the end of each full term. The aim is to frequently keep parents up-to-date on their son’s progress in school.

Baseline testing is carried out in September and we carefully monitor the progress of each individual boy. We conduct ongoing assessments throughout the term, as well as national standardised tests at the end of term. The results from these assessments are used to highlight where pupils may need additional support or extra challenge. Clear target setting takes places off the back of the data we are able to collate on each boy.

Whether pupils are identified as having a particular ability or difficulty, close monitoring, individualised challenge and support is provided by their teacher, and progress is reviewed half termly with parents.