Boys' Senior School

Boys, parents and teachers are immensely proud of the Boys’ Senior School. Our positive and invigorating atmosphere allows every individual to thrive and develop his talents to the full.

The caring and happy environment within the Boys’ Senior School, combined with a positive approach to discipline, ensures high standards in the classroom and on the sports field and enjoyment of a wide variety of extra-curricular activities.

The school follows a broad and challenging curriculum, and great care is taken to ensure an appropriate balance between the arts, sciences, humanities, creative subjects, sport and extra-curricular activities.

Class sizes are small, with about 24 boys in each class in the Key Stage 3 years (7 - 9) and fewer at GCSE. At GCSE all boys study English, Mathematics, three separate Sciences and a Modern Foreign Language and additionally they opt from a wide range of other subjects with most boys studying nine GCSEs. Boys leave BGS as articulate, confident and well-rounded young men, ready to meet the opportunities and challenges of higher education and their future careers.

"Boys of all ages develop outstanding personal qualities; they are friendly, confident and articulate. They are considerate of others and know that they are valued individuals by the school community."

Independent Schools Inspectorate