Key Stage 3 (Years 7 & 8)

Self Development and Career Exploration

Our Year 7 pupils take part in a cross-curricular careers project, which explores the world of work.

Pupils research a variety of careers and go on to lead and manage their own Careers Fair, which our Year 6 pupils enjoy visiting. This early introduction to a wide range of careers establishes the importance of career exploration as well as showcasing the creativity and organisational skills of our pupils.

Year 8 pupils enjoy using the KUDOS programme as part of their form time programme of study. This career profiling resource allows them to discover where their strengths and interests may lead them in terms of their future education and careers. At BGS Year 8 is the crucial GCSE options year. Parents and pupils are invited to the Year 8 Options evening which is followed by individual options interviews with senior staff and career related interviews and advice, ahead of making their GCSE choices.