Combined Cadet Force (CCF)

The Bury Grammar School CCF was established in 1892 and is one of the oldest CCFs in the country.

Originally affiliated to the local regiment, the Lancashire Fusiliers, the Contingent is now affiliated to the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers and we wear their badge and hackle with pride. We are a single arm Contingent but interest is fostered in the other two services by display teams and liaison officers.

The Cadet Forces Mission is ‘To prepare Cadets for success in their chosen way of life, increasing their awareness and understanding of the Armed Forces and their role in society by delivering enjoyable, well-organised, military-themed activities in a challenging and safely-managed environment’.

The Cadet experience is defined as: In volunteering to join a uniformed and disciplined military-themed youth organisation, cadets follow a military-themed ethos and experience a wide variety of well- organised, enjoyable and challenging activities in a safely-managed environment. These activities allow the cadet to develop a sense of responsibility and service to the community, self-reliance, resourcefulness, endurance, perseverance, leadership, teamwork, communication skills and resilience. In undertaking these activities, cadets can also gain additional nationally-recognised educational and vocational qualifications. It is the military-themed elements that set the cadets apart from other youth organisations.

Since 1892 the Contingent has had nine Commanding Officers. The current OC is Major David Newbury (who teaches Geography at the School) who took over from Major Robert Rylance in January 2010.

Membership of the CCF is voluntary. Those who join are committed to membership for three years. Many carry on their service into the Sixth Form where there is scope for leadership and other responsibilities. We encourage many of our seniors to teach some lessons, thus improving their knowledge and confidence.

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