Confidence and Self Esteem

At BGS, we do not underestimate the importance of confidence and self-esteem in our key aim to unlock the potential in every student.

In order to be inspired, well-rounded, and to love learning as an end in itself, we recognise that our students must also have the self-belief to thrive and to make their own choices.

We work closely with parents in this respect, providing an environment in which all feel comfortable in sharing an opinion or concern, and in which students feel free to identify their own needs for support or guidance. We also endeavour to celebrate achievement in every area and, through PSHE, assemblies and our daily contact with students, we aim to foster in each individual a sense of purpose and wellbeing. We teach resilience in our students; a willingness to take risks and be stretched within the secure environment we provide; a positive approach to challenge and readiness for life more generally.

BGS students are encouraged to be happy, healthy and ambitious. We work hard to provide our students with the opportunity to be stretched and challenged within the security of, and with the support of, the BGS community, in order that they might face all that life has to offer with confidence, resilience and a zest for life.