The Dorothy Lester Travel Scholarship


Miss Dorothy Lester was Headmistress of the Girls' School in 1954 until retiring in 1979.

Miss Lester was much loved by her ‘girls’ and the Old Girls' Association wanted to create a fitting and lasting memorial to her. Miss Lester loved to travel and so it was decided in 2002 that a travel scholarship was to be set up in her name. The Dorothy Lester Travel Scholarship is open to all girls in Years 12 and 13. The girls have to submit, as part of their application, a detailed travel plan which shows initiative, enterprise and the educational value of the trip.

The girl can be travelling alone or part of a group either abroad or here in the UK; the expedition should be primarily organised by the girl concerned and not part of a ‘package holiday’ or other such standard trips organised by a travel firm.

The selection is made by the Old Girls' Association Committee who asks that the chosen girl produce a report or presentation of her travel experiences. The report is then featured in the Old Girls' Association magazine, The Record.