Assessment & Reporting

We want you to have regular contact with your child’s form teacher and have an open door policy in the Infant School. We are keen to talk to you about their progress...and do expect that progress will be rapid, thanks to excellent teaching and learning!

There are two formal Parents' Evenings a year - one in November and one in February - where your child’s general progress will be discussed. We also encourage parents to arrange a meeting with their child’s form teacher at any time if there is a matter they wish to discuss.

Parents also receive written reports on their child’s progress twice a year - one in December where progress to date is outlined, alongside next step targets - and a longer report at the end of the academic year, which celebrates the year's achievements and the important milestones in the pupil's life.

Each pupil completes an assessment in September, giving an indication of 'innate' ability. After this, teachers carefully monitor developmental steps on a daily basis. National standardised tests through the Rising Stars and Abacus Programmes are conducted termly, alongside national tests such as InCAS. The results of these assessments are used by teachers for planning how best to cater for each pupil's individual needs, so that we can be sure we are fulfilling each child's potential.

If pupils need additional support or extra challenge (and most of us need both at some point!) then this is of course provided, so that each pupil can shine. Results of assessments and progress made are shared with parents on a regular basis.

Children who appear to have a specific difficulty will be fully supported by their teacher and progress will be reviewed half termly with parents.

The involvement of parents in a three-way partnership with school will ensure maximum support is given and optimum progress is made. This is very important for each child's development and a fundamental part of our school ethos. We want to work with you as parents to ensure your child flourishes!