Academic Provision

At BGS Kindergarten we believe that young children learn best when they are highly motivated, inspired and challenged. We recognise that these young minds are 'blank slates' onto which a wealth of ideas and information can be written - and, above all, we want our pupils' learning to be fun...and for there to be lots of it!

We provide a wide range of stimulating, play based learning opportunities which nurture and challenge young, inquisitive minds, in a dynamic setting. Your child will be assigned a key person who will form a close relationship in which your child will thrive and develop into a confident, self-assured individual, with a love of learning and a zest for life.

Children learn through discovery, and thoughtfully structured play provides endless opportunities for them to find out about the world around them. Children can explore ‘real life’ situations through role play, dressing up, puppets and stories. They can create their own small worlds using a variety of toys brought alive by imagination. Painting, cutting, sticking and creating form an important part of Kindergarten life. There are countless opportunities for exploring colours, patterns and shapes, as well as creating masterpieces to take home and share with the family.

In addition to the exciting and far reaching curriculum, Kindergarten children have the chance to partake in extra-curricular activities such as Rugbytots and ballet. There is no time to be bored!

Family Involvement

Throughout the year we offer workshops for parents to come along and be involved in teaching circles and play activities so that the strategies taught in school can be continued at home. Every Friday we also have the opportunity to go on Welly Walks, where parents and family members are invited to join us as we leave the setting and explore the world around Bury Grammar School.

Our children can't wait to learn in Kindergarten!