A Lasting Gift for Future Generations

Cum Laude et Pecunia - The Proof of Endearment is Endowment



Clifford Billings  (1923 - 2016)

The development of our new Sports Pitches has been made possible due to the incredible generosity of Old Boy, Clifford Billings.

Clifford was a gifted footballer and after leaving the Army in 1947, he joined the Old Boys’ Team and continued to play well into his 50s; playing longer than anyone else in the club’s history.

Clifford remained close to his School and passionately believed in the type of education we have to offer. In addition to his generous contributions to the expansion of our campus over the years, Clifford also helped several boys complete their education with BGSB through the Bursary Scheme.

We are indebted to this true gentleman and his legacy will continue to enrich the educational experience of our pupils for generations to come.



Brian Kilpatrick (1930-2014)

In 2013, Brian told us that he had made provision for the schools in his Will and therefore automatically became a member of The Roger Kay Legacy Society, giving us the opportunity to thank him for his gift during his lifetime. Brian believed in our School and the type of education that we offer; he wanted to provide a life-changing opportunity for someone just starting out on their chosen path in life.

We are very grateful for Brian’s commitment to our School and the Brian Kilpatrick Memorial Bursary will be awarded to a deserving young man who, because of Brian, will now be able to join our Sixth Form.



Peter Dearden (1942-2007)

Peter Dearden was the only son of Margaret and Eric Dearden. They both highly valued education and encouraged Peter through his successful studies at Bury Grammar School. Peter cultivated a thirst for knowledge and a spirit of adventure at BGS. He emigrated to California in 1967.

Peter Dearden enjoyed life to the full; in his passing he chose to remember the School which gave him the best foundation for life and happiness. His legacy towards School Facilities helped build the new Sixth Form Centre.



Jack Farraday (1912-2003)

Jack Farraday’s contribution to the Schools as Clerk to the Governors was outstanding. During his 30-year tenure over 30 building projects were completed, due to his shrewd financial management and a series of public appeals.

Jack was passionate about the need to raise funds for bursaries. In making his gift to a charity, he was able to avoid Inheritance Tax and maximise his bequest to BGS.

His legacy has to date made provision for 18 young girls and boys to benefit from the life changing opportunity of a BGS education.