Making a Regular Gift

Regular gifts can be made monthly, quarterly or annually by Direct Debit.

Direct Debit is a simple and extremely valuable way of making a donation to us. Not only will you be contributing towards your chosen campaign, but with guaranteed regular donations we can use the projected values in order to plan for the future.

Monthly Gift to BGS Monthly cost to a Higher Rate Tax Payer Value to BGS over 5 years (including Gift Aid)
£15 £11.25 £1,125
£25 £18.75 £1,875
£50 £37.50 £3,750
£100 £75.00 £7,500
£250 £187.50 £18,750

Little and often makes a huge difference to our School:

We could provide a child with a half-bursary place if just 35 people committed to a £15.00 monthly donation to our Bursary Fund.

If you feel you are able to make a regular gift, please download and complete our Donation and Gift Aid Declaration Form.


Bury Grammar School is a registered charity (526622) and therefore gifts made by UK Tax Payers can be increased by 25% if we have a completed Gift Aid Declaration. Higher rate tax payers and companies may also reclaim additional tax relief through their annual tax return.