Meet Our Donors

The Adventure of life is to Learn,  The Challenge of Life is to Overcome, The Essence of Life is to Care... The Beauty of Life is to Give.

William Arthur Ward (1921-1994)



Peter Stock, Former BGS Parent now BGS Grandparent

Education is one of the greatest gifts you can give a child. I firmly believe that success in life comes from hard work, determination and a good education. Knowledge is the key to opportunity and advancement in life and BGS is not only focused on teaching its pupils facts and figures, but also on instilling in them a confidence and self belief that ensures they will reach their full potential and realise their dreams.

Each and every pupil of BGS will owe some part of their education to the generosity of others. My family have benefited from the modern Pre - School and Infant School and, later in their school life, will benefit from the recently opened joint 6th form centre. Others will be fortunate enough to be awarded a bursary to help fund their education. I was recently inspired to contribute to the BGS Bursary Fund myself after listening to two pupils of the school, both bursary recipients, talking about what life at BGS meant to them. What came across for me was what a great opportunity these children knew they had been given and how they had grasped that opportunity with both hands and were loving school life. They were bright, articulate individuals and were very grateful that someone had been prepared to invest in their future.

We all have aspirations for our children. We all want to give them the best possible education. Why then not help other families with the same aspirations as ours but who are unable to meet the cost that incurs. If you are in a position to support the BGS Bursary Fund with either a small monthly contribution, or a part or full Bursary then I would ask you to seriously consider it.



Fiona Cooper (BGS 1980)

BGSG allowed me to fulfil my ambition to practise medicine and generated lifelong interests within the fields of theatre, music and literature. I feel very strongly that academically bright students whose parents cannot afford the school fees should be able to access the wonderful education and facilities the School offers, so I willingly support the Bursary Fund by making monthly financial donations.



Rachel Nicholson, HR Director for Yearsley Group & Current Parent

I attended a bursary lunch at BGS where the speaker spoke eloquently and passionately about the need for bursary support at the School, to enable these incredibly bright children to experience the amazing education that BGS offers. I then resolved that we as a company would help and I would urge everyone to contribute to the Bursary Fund.


Rachel Hankinson (BGS 1988), BGS Teacher

Many friends and colleagues have asked me why I am so passionate about education. I always respond by saying that I was given the most precious gift which has lasted my whole lifetime.
I had a BGS bursary and it simply changed my life.
Nowadays I would have been called a ‘young carer’ and School provided me with a separate life outside of my family unit and most importantly it gave me a love of learning. It made me believe in myself and think that I could always achieve more. The sky suddenly grew higher and horizons became much wider.
I make a monthly contribution as I know that these small amounts will make a huge difference to a young person’s life.


Stephen Bleakley (BGS 1956), Former BGS Parent

I was extremely fortunate to be at BGS when it was a Direct Grant Grammar School as, otherwise, I would probably have had to leave when the family fell on hard times. I have never forgotten this and, when circumstances allowed me to ‘put something back’ by supporting The Bursary Scheme, I was most happy to do so.

I believe that BGS continues to teach timeless standards and personal qualities. It is a hugely worthwhile cause and it is rewarding to see a talented young person, who would not otherwise be at Bury, benefiting from the same fine education which I enjoyed many years ago.



Nicola Shindler (BGS 1987), BGS Parent

The quality of teaching and the inspirational staff at BGS made me what I am today. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have attended this wonderful School and I make a regular donation towards the bursary fund to ensure that children from all backgrounds enjoy the opportunities that I had.



Tony Spencer (BGS 1980), Former BGS Parent, School Governor

I have been a member of the BGS Community since I first stepped through the doors in 1972 and I have witnessed the many wonderful developments that have taken place over the years. However, one thing remains the same, our schools’ commitment to educating each and every child in their care; no one gets lost in ‘the system’ as so many do in the state sector. My own son has received a fine education at BGS and I wholeheartedly support the bursary campaign which creates opportunities for the young people of our town.



Ashish Ramuni, Vice School Captain and Senior Cadet 2016

The reason I donated to the bursary fund is that I hope that my contribution will allow someone to enjoy the education, teaching and facilities that I have had at BGS. Through the Key to the Door Campaign, I hope that even more young people will be able to make the most of the same great opportunities and experiences that I've been fortunate enough to have had offered to me here; schooling can entirely shape a person's life and I've found BGS to be an excellent sculptor, both for myself and my peers.

I've always been at BGS, so I'm unqualified to say this (yet shamelessly willing to do so regardless), but I cannot see other schools do a much better job than BGS to cultivate a person academically, mentally and personally, drawing out their potential while simultaneously instilling respectable values.

I believe that only hard work and determination should be the determinants of a good life and an education allows for this meritocracy like nothing else. I have seen from my own parents how a sponsored place at school can truly change a person's life, and the lives of all who follow them, and it's always astounded me how this powerful, consequential and greatly benevolent force can manifest from a simple (and not always very big) kind-hearted act; consequently, I've always wanted to donate to the fund and this is simply my chance to do it even sooner than I thought I could!