Bury Grammar School Old Boys' Association

The Old Boys’ Association organises many activities including football, golf, bridge, table tennis, together with annual Founders' Day Dinners in Bury and London in May.

Membership is open to all leavers - regardless of when they left the School - and costs £25.00.

To become a member, simply download the OBA Application Form and send it together with your payment to Sharon Blakelock, OBA Membership Secretary, Bury Grammar Schools Development Office, Farraday House, Bridge Road, Bury, BL9 0HG.

 OBA Officers

President: Melvyn Ince (1962 Leaver)
Chairman & Treasurer: Bill Ullathorne (1972 Leaver)
Secretary: Luis McBriar (2013 leaver)

We have a variety of Old Boys' keepsakes available to buy including ties, cufflinks and books. Please contact the Development Office by email or call 0161 764 1733.

 Social Media

Facebook: Bury Grammar School Old Boys' Association

Twitter: @BuryGSOldBoys

 Carmen Buriense

"Sanctas clavis hic fores Aperit", canamus;
Sanctitatis legibus Semper hic vivamus,
Clavis detur pueris Clavem laude meritis;
Fores pateant piis Scholae Buriensis

Optimum nos plurimi Semper aestimemus;
Magistri cum pueris Semper hoc oremus
Vivat, crescat, floreat, Suae voces audiat
Famae, vires augeat Schola Buriensis

“Here the key opens Sacred doors", let us sing.
May we always live here by the sacred rules.
May the key be given to boys who deserve it;
May the doors of the School of Bury
be open to those who are worthy of entering.

May we always value most what is best;
Masters and boys, we should always pray for this:
May the School of Bury live, grow and flourish,
May it hear words spoken in its honour;
May it increase in strength.