Pastoral Care

At Bury Grammar School, we pride ourselves on excellent pastoral care and our ability to work together, as a family, to nurture and care for every individual.

We feel very strongly that all members of staff share in the responsibility for the welfare and happiness of our pupils, and we work closely with parents in order to fulfil this responsibility. We care for and respect our students and, in turn, we expect them to care for and respect others.

We believe that excellent pastoral care is integral to fulfilling the aims of BGS and it lies at the heart of our ethos. At BGS, we support pupils as they grow into well-rounded, confident and hard working individuals. We encourage them to demonstrate tolerance, resilience and a zest for life. We reinforce these messages on a daily basis in lessons and form periods, through our PSHE programme of study, our assemblies, our expectations of behaviour and the way in which pupils are treated by staff and one another. We also place great emphasis on promoting and safeguarding the health, welfare and safety of children in our care.

Our School is a happy one, and our system of pastoral care ensures that we provide a safe, tolerant and nurturing environment which allows students to reach their potential in every area of life.

The Form Tutor (in the Senior School and Sixth Form) or the Class Teacher or Key Worker (at EYFS, and in the Infant and Junior Schools) is usually the first point of contact for queries or concerns relating to pastoral care. Contact details may be found on the 'Who's who' section.