Academic Provision

We are extremely proud of our sixth formers. Grounded by a network of support, both personal and academic, our students develop an empowering sense of confidence, independence and resourcefulness that are hallmarks of a Bury Grammar School education.

When our students look back on their time in the Sixth Form, they often reflect upon the profound personal transformation they experience during their Sixth Form career and how the Sixth Form team were a central part of this progress.

The Sixth Form experience does not take a ‘one size fits all’ approach, but is tailored to support the needs of each student. The Sixth Form team pride themselves on treating every sixth former as an individual and their happiness and well-being is paramount and intrinsically linked to academic success.

Bury Grammar School is well known for having one of the highest achieving Sixth Forms in the region. All Sixth Formers study the two-year linear A Level course which makes our academic provision highly specialised and drives the common sense of purpose that is so effective in maintaining our high academic standards in the Sixth Form.

In order to provide a highly personal level of tuition the size of teaching groups is carefully limited. This not only allows for all students to fully participate in lessons but also gives their teachers a perceptive understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each student in their care. With the diverse nature of skills required at A Level and the robust nature of the reformed qualifications, this personal approach ensures that every student is supported effectively in achieving the very best grades.